Thursday, September 23, 2021


How to Maximize Fuel Efficiency on Your Next Road Trip

(NC) Many of us developed a newfound love for the outdoors during the pandemic and are keen to stay green this summer. That means we’ll be spending more time behind the wheel for day trips to the beach, weekend visits with family or road trips to explore our beautiful country.

In fact, a new poll conducted by Toyota Canada revealed that nearly half of Canadians are planning to take a road trip this season, with 76 per cent saying the pandemic has given them a new appreciation for the great outdoors.

Whatever your reason for hitting the road, maximizing your fuel economy will not only reduce your carbon emissions but also save you some money at the pump. Here, Philippe Crowe, product education at Toyota Canada, shares his top tips for using less gas this summer:

  • Choose an electrified vehicle such as a hybrid or plug-in hybrid.
  • Don’t carry unnecessary weight and remove roof or bicycle racks when not needed.
  • Map out your route ahead of time and listen to local traffic reports or use a driving app to avoid accidents, construction and other trouble spots while on the road.
  • Avoid routes that travel through major cities with frequent stops.
  • Use four-lane highways when you can and use cruise control where possible.
  • Avoid idling your vehicle.
  • Accelerate gently, maintain a steady speed and then, if traffic patterns permit, allow your speed to drop when you travel uphill, then regain momentum as you roll downhill.
  • Use a fuel consumption display and learn how to track it. (Source: news Canada)