Thursday, April 15, 2021


What Career is the Right Fit for You?

(NC) When you look for work, fit is one of the many factors you probably consider. You might ask yourself: is your personality suited to the job? Could you get along with the people who work there? Even, do the workplace values match up with your own?

If you are starting your career or looking for a career change, thinking about this stuff can set you up for success.

Fit isn’t always obvious, however. And a growing number of companies and organizations are recognizing this, putting their values out there for potential applicants to see.

For instance, the Canadian Coast Guard wants groups that may initially assume they’re not represented in the organization – such as women and diverse communities – to know they have a passionate and professional workforce, and that they promote and value a diverse and inclusive workplace. They also want you to make sure everyone knows they’re hiring.

The organization has a variety of opportunities across the country for those interested in the marine field, including roles in search and rescue, marine communications and traffic services, marine electronic development and others.

It’s a secure career with a stable pay and paid training, as well as the chance for adventure.

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