Thursday, September 23, 2021


Together with Other Communities (3rd) – L’Arche Winnipeg

(Original Registration: April 2015)

The Korea Times 매니토바 한인신문  initiated a project called “Together with Other Communities”. This time, L’Arche has participated.

Together with Other Communities is a project in which The Korea Times collects non-perishable food items from the Korean community to give to a worthy cause that needs it. There must be at least 5 food products and there must be at least 3 months until their expiration date.

This time around, The Korea Times donated the food received from the community to L’Arche. Manager Diane Truderung said, “We would like to thank the Korean community for being generous in their food donations time after time.” She also said, “Every year on the first Sunday of May, there is a walk to support L’Arche. We hope that many people will be able to turn out.”

This program that The Korea Times has started has benefitted not only L’Arche, but also Helping Hands South in Steinbach. L’Arche (118 Regent Ave., Winnipeg) is an international federation that encompasses over 35 countries and 130 regions to promote the creation of safe community for intellectually disabled people. In recent years in Winnipeg, at least one member of the Korean community has been employed by this federation.

This was only the third time that this project had taken place, but The Korea Times plans on continuing it in the future. The Korea Times publisher Wonjae Song said, “Although many Manitoban-Korean businesses are flourishing now, there are still many places and people who are suffering, whether it would be on the streets or in decrepit homes. If we get the interest of even a few Manitoban-Koreans and encourage them to help others in the community, it can make a big difference.” He and The Korea Times hopes that many people will participate in this project in the future. (End)