Thursday, September 23, 2021


“The Legacy of Korea War Veterans – The Forgotten War in Pictures”: Photo Book Launch Event

(Original Registration: April 2015)

In September of 2014, The Korea Times initiated a special project entitled: “The Legacy of Korea War Veterans Photo Exhibit”. Due to its success, the photo exhibit was extended to February.

To commemorate this event, a photo book was released. On March 12th, there was a book release party for “The Legacy of the Korea War Veterans: The Forgotten War in Pictures” at McNally Robinson Booksellers.

On this special day, approximately 65 people attended the event, with the crowd ranging from Korean war veterans to normal Winnipeggers. The MC of the event was Amy Song and two of the veterans, Michael Czuboka and Leonard George Thomas Montford spoke at the event.

Managing editor of the photobook Olivia Do claimed that creating this book was incredibly special because of the relationships she had built between the Veterans and their families.

Also, the two photo exhibits really contributed to the successful completion of this book. She said, “This book showcases the stories of the Korea War veterans, and we hope that it will be a useful tool for the general public to learn more about the veterans.

For the past year that this project has been taking place, we have constantly been realizing the important bridge that the veterans have built between Canada and Korea. We will never forget the veterans, and that idea has been immortalized through this book.”

The first speaker of the evening, veteran Michael Czuboka joked, “If I hadn’t served in the Korea War, I probably wouldn’t be here.” After, he answered many questions that people had about the war. The second veteran to speak, Leonard George Thomas Montford stated, “The Koreans are incredible people that boast a great heritage”.

He proceeded to talk about his experiences during the war. He said, “Even though the war had ripped through Korea, the fact that Koreans have developed as much as they have now is truly remarkable – and for that, I have a lot of respect for them.” Both veterans thanked the Korean community for not forgetting about the veterans and for commemorating their efforts.

At this event, the family of the late veteran William Murray Holland were in attendance. His three sisters and brother in law attended this event. One of his sisters said, “I had a really great time at this photo book launch. I was really excited to hear that my brother would be featured in the book.”

They expressed their joy at hearing that The Korea Times was taking initiative to make sure that Korea War veterans were being recognized more, and showed their gratitude for the work that The Korea times has accomplished.

Robert Sypulski, a UN peacekeeper who was in Korea near the end of the Korea War, was also in attendance. He said that he would love to know more of these events and would love to attend in the future, and asked to inquire to him if The Korea Times ever requires any help. He was thankful that so many veterans were invited, and was pleasantly surprised at the success of the book launch.

The Korea Times are now proceeding to send the photo book to many libraries and schools for people to enjoy and view. This photo exhibit has left a huge footprint in the Korean-Manitoban community. It is believed that this will not only make Koreans, but Canadians aware of the Korean community in Manitoba and the Manitoban Korea War veterans.

The Korea Times would like to deeply thank all those involved in this project and the volunteers for all of their hard work. (End)