Thursday, September 23, 2021


Multiculturalism: Kite Flying Competition

The Korea Times 매니토바 한인신문 will be inviting people from the Korean community and other ethnic communities to fly kites at this event, which will be held on Canada Day.

Canada Day is a well celebrated holiday and the majority of people have a day off. Instead of spending time at home, it would be great to celebrate Canada Day with other ethnic groups since Canada is a large hug for multiculturalism in North America.

When looking for an event to launch, the Korea Times decided on a kite flying competition, which is a traditional Korean activity. Also, kite flying is very popular throughout the world. It would be great time for people from different ethnic groups to connect.

Canada Day is a holiday for people to rest, but it is also important to understand why Canada Day is such an important day for immigrants, children and families.

Kite flying competition also has meaning as it is a metaphor for achieving your dreams and goals as high as the kites. This event has two parts.

First part of the event will be held on June 25th (Thursday, 5:30 – 7:30 pm), in which time, kites will be made. The Korea Times will be providing free kites to the first 30 people. 4 people who make their own kites will be selected for an award.

Second part of the event on June 27th (Saturday 3:00 – 7:00 pm) will be for flying the kites. 4 people will be selected based on how well the kite flies. Food will be provided from different ethnic groups.

Olivia Do says, “This event is the first of its kind and we are trying to make it annual event. We hope to make this event into a national event someday”

“Since people can join the event as an individual or with family, it has great meaning to it. Also, it is a great time to showcase multiculturalism. It would be great if many people join, as anyone is allowed to and are encouraged to.” (End)