Thursday, September 23, 2021


“It’s Really Fun to Make Korean Kimbop”

(Original Registration: November 2015)

The Korea Times hosted the 2nd Korea Week in Manitoba across Winnipeg from October 5 to October 11 this year. One of the daily activities was to learn how to make Kimbop which is the Korean style roll with veggies. It took placed at the International Friendship Welcome Centre on Pembina Highway, and it had a full house on that night due to unexpected numbers of people to join. The participants had a great time by enjoying other meals such as Bulgogi, and Jobchae that preordered by the Korea Times. They also had opportunity to taste Kimchi.

One of the organizers of this activity and a facilitator, Eun Kyeong “Olivia” Do explained the purpose of this activity was a result of congruent from the Korean government, who launched the international Korea week to make solidity Koreans among other countries in the world. The Times agreed that this is very important to keep Korean identities and eventually, initiated the Korea Week in Manitoba last year. In addition, the Korea Times believes that learning about other cultures are also important as worth as keeping their own identities, so initiated this activity during the Korea Week.

Before began to roll Korean Kimbop, the participants were provided well-prepared ingredients such as dried sea weeds, fried eggs, carrots, hams, salted cucumbers, sesame oil and pickled radishes with kitchen gadgets such as Kimbal that is a mat to make a roll, a chopping board, and a knife. The facilitator, Do helped out the participants by filling out ingredients among three tables in the venue. The Power Point Slides to help the participants understand better to make Kimbop were also presented by a university student, Ga ram Choi.

The other organizer, Wonjae Song who is the publisher of the paper shared his ideas to initiate this activity with the participants. He also said “I am sure that this small activity helps us a lot to expand our relationships with other cultures easily”. Do also added, “it is so delightful to receive many positive and valuable comments from the participants on this activity, and made us to keep going to hard work every day and wait for next food cooking class soon”. She also said that she was surprised to receive many questions regarding purchasing ingredients of Kimbop and what kind of Korean food would be presented for the next time.

The participants enjoyed eating Bulgogi and Jobchae said that they already knew of these dishes. The volunteers also added that they were happy to eat Korean dishes in this activity although they are Koreans.

This cooking class was so unique because it was first time to organize this type of activity in the Korean community that performed with other diverse range of people, whose age range were from the 20s to late 70s.  This activity originally planned to inform Korean food to other communities during the Korea Week in Manitoba.

“Cooking is a wonderful source to share cultural values, I think. The Korea Times will invite people again with another Korean Food in soon. Probably, it will happen next spring when we display Korean pictures in downtown”, the publisher, Song said. (End)