Thursday, March 4, 2021


Interior Design Tips to Boost Home Office Productivity

(NC) As businesses reopen across the country, many offices are adopting a hybrid work-from-home and in-office model. A recent survey shows over 93 per cent of people prefer a mix of days in both spaces, suggesting the home office is here to stay, at least in some form.

Whether your primary workspace is at home or in the office, we could all use some tips to increase productivity and eliminate distractions. Kane Willmott, CEO and founder of iQ Offices, a Canadian coworking company featuring workspaces designed for productivity, breaks down his top tips and tricks that you can try implementing in the new normal:

Nature. Research shows that plants reduce stress and boost productivity. Modern offices have soothing things like living green walls, patios and windows that actually open. But potted plants can work just as well. Add some succulents or fresh flowers that you change up once a week to create a cheerful atmosphere for your desk.

Wellness. This has taken on new meaning with COVID-19, as wellness becomes more about peace of mind around your health and maintaining work-life balance as those physical boundaries erode. A separate space, even if it’s just a designated corner of your living room, can help. You can also book a few hours at a coworking space for highly focused productivity time. To help keep you safe, IQ Offices has implemented new protocols, including private offices and enhanced screening, sanitation and air filtration measures.

Noise reduction. While chatty coworkers may no longer be a problem, your playful toddler or loud laundry machine may get in the way of your concentration. To combat this, you can try white noise systems, sound buffers, extra soundproofing in the walls and noise-cancelling headphones. Just wearing headphones, even with the music off, can signal to your kids and partner that you don’t want to be disturbed.

Instagrammable design. While it may seem frivolous, beautiful spaces make us feel happier, which in turns makes us more productive. Modern furnishings, natural light and high ceilings can have an impact, so it’s worth taking time to enhance your aesthetics. Even desk orientation can affect productivity –people tend to work better with their backs to the wall, especially in tech, since it opens up the sightlines and ensures no one can peer over your shoulder to view confidential work. (Source: News Canada)