Saturday, March 6, 2021


Great Backyard Bird Count: February 12–15, 2021

Each year people from around the world come together to watch, learn about, count, and celebrate birds.

More detail information: Great Backyard Bird Count

Participating is easy, fun to do alone, or with others, and can be done anywhere you find birds. Simply watch birds for 15 minutes or more, at least once over the four days, February 12-15, 2021, and tell us what you see!

Pick the best tool to use for sharing your birds sightings:

  • If you are new to the count, try using the Merlin Bird ID app.
  • If you have participated in the count before, try eBird Mobile app or enter your bird list on the eBird website (desktop/laptop).
  • If you are participating as a group, see instructions for Group Counting. (Source: Great Backyard Bird Count Website)