Thursday, September 23, 2021


2nd Photo Exhibit: The Legacy of Korean War Veterans

(Original Registration: February 2015)

With many people’s request and to thank the Korean War veterans, The Korea Times 매니토바 한인신문 will be hosting a photo exhibition called ‘The Legacy of Korean War Veterans’ again.

This time the photo exhibition will be held from February 15th to February 28th at the Grant Park Shopping Mall. This photo exhibition will be showing our thanks to the Korean War Veterans who participated in the war 65 years ago. It will be another great opportunity to remind people that Canada was the third country to send the biggest troops to the war.

The pictures at the photo exhibition are not well known pictures to the public. The pictures were gathered from members of the Korea Veterans Association Unit 17, by visiting them or contacting them and receiving pictures through mail.

The first photo exhibition was held at Garden City Shopping Mall which started September 26th, 2014 to November 11th, received a lot of compliment from the public. Hee-Young Cho, the Ambassador of The Republic of Korea to Canada said “The photo exhibition is great way to thank the Korean War Veterans and also a good way to show people about relationship between Canada and Korea.

Through the first round of the photo exhibition, The Korea Times 매니토바 한인신문achieved in showing and educating many people that the Canadian Veterans played an incredible role in protecting Korea during the Korean War. There were also some Canadian Veterans who served in the Korean War who were not registered under Unit 17. However, to make sure that their efforts and bravery were noticed and awarded, The Korea Times 매니토바 한인신문 made sure that they received The Ambassador for Peace Medals from the Korean government.

The second photo exhibition will be reminder for Korean community to remember the veterans who sacrificed themselves to help another country. It will be also great for students to learn the history and the experience of the veterans through the pictures. (End)