Top Trends in Homemade Cuisine

(NC) With the new season in full swing, there’s no better time to explore new foods and challenge your culinary skills. Celebrity chef Anna Olson knows this better than anyone else. What’s new in food for 2020? Olson has the scoop.

Health is wealth

Conscious eaters looking to get more green in their diets will be making salads into meals and deepening their complexity by adding new ingredients. Think of something like a Thai red curry sweet potato and red lentil salad.

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Salty, spice and everything Pacific

Meals defined by salt and spice from Pacific nations will be popular this year, including scrumptious dishes from the Philippines, Malaysia and Japan. Find a masterclass in Pacific cuisine and impress your friends and family with tropical favourites.

Sweets over everything

No food list is complete without sweets. Satisfy your sweet tooth and expand your palette by trying desserts from around the world – from homemade French desserts like éclairs and profiteroles or treats from southeast Asia, including kaya toast. These delicious bites will open your taste buds to new flavours and textures. (Source: News Canada)