The Korea Times/The Diversity Times Hosts Annual Luncheon

The Diversity Times/The Korea Times (hereafter, The Diversity Times) shared lunch together with Canadian soldiers and their families who participated in the Korean War at the Smitty’s restaurant.

Twenty-eight people attended the lunch event seven of whom were soldiers who served during the Korean War. The lunch on September 21 was funded by the Government of Canada through the Veterans Affairs Canada.

The Diversity Times has been hosting this lunch event every year to acknowledge the Korean veterans of Canada who helped Korea during the war. This is the event’s sixth year of celebration and the veterans and their families thanked the organizers for inviting them.

Hearty meal

Even though it was raining that day, the soldiers, widows, brothers, and families who came for the gathering enjoyed a pleasant meal together. Unlike last year’s event, this year the Korean dancers could not attend due to limited space in the restaurant.

Instead, The Diversity Times accommodated the guests to a quiet and cozy ambience in which they enjoyed their meals while having a nice chat among themselves. The Diversity Times showed pictures of veterans taken in some activities since 2014.


Everyone said “thank you” to the Diversity Times, who took time to talk to them. The event’s funding came from the Government of Canada which made it a success. The attendees were very happy, saying “thank you for meeting every year” and “It was nice to see the people I saw last year”; “The food is very good, and a good choice”; “It was delicious”; “Thank you for inviting me without forgetting”; “I wish I could see you guys next year again… ” and so on. The age of the veterans in the event are between 84 and 90 years old.

Frank Olvis’ wife, Gale said that Olvis would turn 90 years old next week and would have a drop-in birthday party for three days. Everyone was invited.


The event attracted the restaurant’s customers because elderly soldiers and people as a group ate a meal together. One restaurant customer said, “We heard from the restaurant owner about the event today. It’s been a long time since the Korean War, and it’s impressive that Koreans invite Canadian veterans to eat together.”

With this lunch invitation, The Diversity Times/The Korea Times also plans to visit the veterans who were unable to attend the event.

The Diversity Times will visit them personally sometime in October and November. This visit is also sponsored by the Canadian government. (Staff)


The 5th Annual Korean War Veterans’ Luncheon