Winnipeg’s Neighbourhood Liveability By- Law

A number of homes in South Winnipeg are owned by absentee landlords who, unfortunately, are not performing regular, required  maintenance on their properties. Through its Neighbourhood Liveability By-Law, the City of Winnipeg regulates the maintenance of homes/yards and other aspects of neighbourhood liveability.

The City has the legal ability to ENFORCE compliance on these neglected properties when home owners are not complying with the regulations.  Below are some of the common issues regulated by the Neighbourhood Liveability By-Law:

Long grass: Must be trimmed to a max. length of 15 cm (six inches); homeowners are required to cut the boulevard around the house and any grass and/or weeds that might be in the back lane.

Garbage: Must not accumulate on property; garbage that is eligible for removal must be stored in receptacles or plastic garbage bags that are protected from damage.

Exterior walls: Paint must be maintained so that no more than 25 per cent of any painted surface is blistered, cracked, flaked scaled or chalked away.

Gutters: All gutters need to have downspouts that take water away from the building and do not allow eroding of the ground under them.

(Original source: Janice Lukes City Councillor Website, Waverley West Ward)