Full Taste of Winter This Weekend: Cold Weather and Snow

Western Manitoba is expected to receive the brunt of the snowfall. Natalie Hasell of Environment Canada says a low pressure system moving through the prairies could leave behind as much as 10-15 cm of snow for that region according to early models.

Winnipeg (The Forks) Weather: 7-day forecast (Click here)


Other forecasters have predicted as much as 15-25 cm for Westman.

Right now it looks like Winnipeg won’t et hit quite as hard, according to Hasell. “Just under the warning criteria,” she said. Right now that could mean up to 10 cm of snow in 12 hours for the City of Winnipeg.

(Source: MB Weather Centre Facebook)

Most of this snowfall is expected to fall on Sunday and possibly early Monday.

And while extreme cold warnings have left the south half of the province, the cold weather hasn’t. Daytime highs will struggle to reach -20 over the next few days. Wednesday’s current high is forecasted at -30 for Winnipeg. (Source: CHVN 95.1 FM, Environment Canada)