Happy to Cook and Share

Cooking is not my hobby, but I like to taste new food. Sometimes I watch YouTube videos on how to cook healthy food. November 13 was my turn to teach in a cooking class.

When class was about to start not many people showed up, only about four, with whom I shared my Laotian “meat salad”.

First, I cooked all the pork, and then let it sit until it cooled down.

Teaching, sharing

Next I put cilantro, green onion, mint, carrot, lettuce, lemon juice, salt, chili, and fish sauce. Then I mixed them all together, and it was ready to serve. Since I had extra time, I tried to teach how to make vegetable decoration dishes. First I made flowers form carrot, then leaves from cucumber peel and I finally tried to make a swan from an apple.

Fun experience

Olivia, a participant in the class, helped me make rabbits from an apple. It looked nice and colorful!

Samantha, another participant in the class, showed me how to make barbecue duck noodle soup. It was fun haring, talking, laughing, tasting our food and taking pictures.

After that, Wonjae gave us an apron and some souvenirs to remember this day. I would like to say thank you to Wonjae and Olivia for this opportunity. (Written by Sou Van Vong )