Modern, Cultural Performances Highlight 5th Annual Korea Week

The night began with a bang as an incredibly talented flutist put on an amazing show, leaving the audience in awe.

There were some traditional performances from Chile as well that opened the night’s festivities. It was both entertaining and adorable as the younger performers charmed the audience with their talents and stage presence, and the adult performers wowed us with some traditional couple-style dance performances.

Traditional & K-Pop!

Later in the night we were able to see a traditional Korean costume fashion show, along with a traditional dance number using a variety of props. The costumes were beautiful and modeled so eloquently.

The rest of the night was filled with the modern side of Korean culture, K-pop! There were a variety of local dance teams who showcased their talents. From cute to powerful

each team showcased a different style of K-pop, showing us how diverse the genre really is.

Vibrant Energy

Teams like J.A.B.S. and illict showcased their power and charisma with covers of old classics and new bops. J.A.B.S. really amazed everyone with their intricate footwork in their cover of Teen

Top’s Rocking, and illicit got the crowd pumped with their cover of BTS’s hit song Fake

Love. There was even also a duet of younger dancers who performed an energetic hiphop style dance by popular girl group Blackpink.

On the other end of the K-pop spectrum we had Galax-E and A.C.E. Dance Team.

Galax-E showcased a variety of performances from cute to sexy style and got the crowd yelling GREAT! along with them. A.C.E. Dance Team did a sexier song with engaging energy that left the audience wanting more.

Fun Night

Overall it was a most exciting night of performances that really highlighted Korean which has grown in popularity over the years here in Winnipeg and across Canada. (Written by Samantha)