Our Life is Like a Pencil

1st. Whats truly important actually lies within you. The pencil has two aspects to it. The outside which is beautiful, colourful, wooden casing. And the inside which is the lead, its very substance, its very purpose.

Similarly in our lives as well, we have the outside, which is about our personality, our looks, our presence, no one looks as good as their FB profile pictures, looks as ugly as their driving licence picture.

The outside is about personality.The inside is about being a genuine sincere person, the outside is about charisma, our style, our presentation, how we speak, our confidence, our mannerisms.

The inside is our character, our morals, our integrity the principles that we hold sacred in our lives.

The outside is about valuables. In the world today, we are accepted more for what we have, for what we wear than for who we are. We are accepted more for what we drive, for where we live than who we are. Valuables seem to be crucial and overly emphasized in the modern society.

The outside is about valuables. The inside is about our values. Folks, while we focus on the outside we shouldn’t forget the inside. There’s a great need to find that right balance.

We live in the real world so the outside is important. But our focus on the outside should never be at the cost of our inner world.

Material education teaches us how to develop our outside, our externals, all our skills, our talents, which can buy us all the valuables to live in the real world.

Spiritual education teaches us how to focus on the inside world. And therefore, there is such a great need to find that fine balance between our personality and being a genuine person, between our charisma and our character, between our valuables and our values.

What’s the true importance lies within you. And yes, what’s of true importance lies within us. Our being a person, our character, our values, our very essence, the wonderful qualities of our soul. (Man shall not live by bread alone Mat 4:4)

2nd”. Unless what is within you comes out, the lead. You cannot make an impact. It’s only when the lead comes out of the casing can the pencil actually make an impact on the paper by writing something.

Similarly in our lives as well, unless what’s within us comes out by writing, we will not be able to make an impact either on our lives or on those on others. Thus the Latin word ‘educare’ from which the English word ‘education’ is derived, means to bring out.

To bring out the virtues, the qualities of our soul. Yes our personality can impress, but being a genuine person can inspire. Yes, our charisma can impress. But our character can inspire others.

Yes, the valuables we possess can truly impress the world, but the values that we hold and live by can inspire the live of others. In order to make an impact, we need to live by those sacred values of principles and ethics which are the very essence of our core, our souls.

One time Thomas Edison, when he was a little boy, came back home from school and handed a letter to his mother saying “my teacher gave this letter only for you to read.”

The mother opened that little piece of paper, and as she read out this letter to Thomas Edison, her little son, she was crying, she said, Tommy, your teacher has written, that Thomas is such an intelligent boy, he is genius.

This school is too small for him and doesn’t have enough good teachers to train him. It’s better that he doesn’t come to school any longer and you train him at home”

Years later when Thomas’s mother had died, he was at his mother’s home clearing things up, and in a small little drawer, he found that piece of folded paper, that letter that the teacher had given years back to his mom, Thomas, opened the piece of paper to read the contents and he broke down in tears, crying profusely, because what was written on the paper was,” Madam, your son Thomas is a dunce, he is mentally ill, he does not fit into this school, I don’t think he can ever make it there, so we are expelling him and throwing him out of the school today”

Thomas, wrote another line underneath, He wrote, “Thomas was indeed a dunce, a mentally ill child, and he was made into one of the greatest inventors of the century by his hero, his mother”


His mother didn’t have a massive personality, she didn’t have a super good charisma nor did she have too many valuables. But she was a genuine person with great character, amazing values. And look at the impact on the life of Thomas Alva Edison.


Each of you will certainly remember that one person, either your teacher, your parent or your friend or someone in the world (including your virtual friends in FB) who by being such an amazing person, has made an impact on your life. Or you who by being such an amazing person has made an impact on your life.

And you can be that amazing person who is making an impact on someone else’s life by your inspiring example. Yes, when that inside comes out it can truly make an impact.


3rd. Unless you go through sharpening, what is within you will not come out, the pencil has to go through painful sharpening before the sharp lead comes out and makes an impact. Similarly, in life, unless we go through painful sharpening, the best things within will never come out, as they say, no pains, no gains.


4th. When you write, you will certainly end up making mistakes, what’s truly great is that on the opposite end, the eraser, you can correct that mistake .and once again write the right thing.

Even in our lives we make so many mistakes. And what’s amazing is God has given us the opportunity, the chance to erase them, to correct them and to rewrite our stories as we all make mistakes.

5th. Can any of these pencils make a sketch by itself? Can they write a poem by themselves? A construction plan, artistic drawings? The pencil maker told the pencil, you can actually serve your purpose when you are in the hands of an expert. In the hands of an expert artist, a beautiful sketch is made.


 One of the Philippines’ national artists Cesar Legaspi, a simple sketch from him is worth a fortune.

A story of Pablo Picasso, the great artist was asked by a lady to draw her a sketch and was charged of $5000 for 30 seconds of jiffy sketch, to her surprise she asked why that much?

It’s the 30 years of hard work which make me do it in 30 seconds.

In the hands of an expert beautiful plans are made, likewise when we act as instrument like these pencils in the hands of God, truly, we will be able to make an incredible impact in this world regardless of who we are and what colour we are of, some pencils are brown, pink, yellow, black orange, it truly doesn’t matter.

The externals truly do not matter, what matter is what’s inside comes out and we’re in the hands of an expert, our Lord of Lords, our Saviour, the King of Kings. The one who said I am the Way the Truth and the Life. No one comes to the Father but through me.(John 14:6)


That’s why this amazing way of life has been shown to us many times in the Scriptures. That’s why Christianity is the only living legacy that will stand the test of time.


Finally, brothers and sisters, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable—if anything is excellent or praiseworthy—think about such things. (Philippians 4:8)


Hope this article will inspire you more in blessing others, unless you choose otherwise.

God bless you all!

(❚ Noel Cadelina, Minister of Faith in Jesus City Church Winnipeg, 204-228-2146)