Winnipeg K-Pop Dance Group Galax-E Shines Bright

Galax-E (pronounced Galaxy) is a 12-member K-pop dance team comprised of young adults (ages 18-28) from Winnipeg that was founded officially in the spring of 2017. The members are a collective group of friends brought together by their love of Korean music, dance, culture and language.

Shining Stars

The founding members originate from a K-pop dance team called Team X-Men (TXM) that was formed in 2014. After three years, TXM officially disbanded in early 2017 with some members continuing on to form Galax-E. The name Galax-E was chosen because the team is full of many “stars” that shine in their own unique way and together they aspire to be as bright as a galaxy.

Shared Passion

Galax-E is proud to be a group that is rich in multicultural backgrounds, and with that a multilingual team from English, German and Spanish to Japanese, Chinese, Tagalog and more. Galax-E is a true mosaic of people from different backgrounds united by their shared passion for Korean music and dance.

Busy bodies

Galax-E has had the opportunity to participate in various events across Winnipeg since their debut such as the Red-River EX, Ai-Kon, Asian Heritage, and many more. Be sure to check out their social media for updates on future performances.

Social media

Please check out Galax-E on all their social media platforms, they post many of their performances on their official YouTube channel along with dance cover MV’s, reaction videos, vlogs, and other content.

They also post photos, member profiles, dance challenges, polls and other updates on their Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. If you wish to inquire about Galax-E performing for an event, please send an email to (Written by Samantha )