Faspa: Special Meal for Family Bonding

Traditionally, Mennonite homes served Faspa on a regular basis. During the summer time Faspa was often brought to the fields where the men were working. (And before tractors, Faspa was served when the horses working in the fields, also needed a break from work and snack).

Home-made delight

Home-made bread with butter, jams and sometimes meat and cheese formed the centrepiece of Faspa. Frequently, cakes and cookies followed the bread course. No Faspa was complete without the coffee served with cream.

When coffee was not available, Prips (a coffee substitute made of roasted grain) was offered. Today, Faspa is typically reserved for company on Sunday afternoons.

More than food

Faspa is not necessarily served because people are hungry or thirsty, but rather as a show of hospitality. Faspa offers a forum for congenial visiting, laughter, and camaraderie between family, friends, and neighbours.

Indulging with great friends

On Tuesday, June 26, the Russian Bake oven heater in the Friesen

Housebarn in Neubergthal, MB was fired up in preparation for Faspa. An ordinary Faspa, freshly baked bread, in seasoned rhubarb strawberry jam, cheese, and cucumber dills with coffee, was enjoyed by seniors and our Korean friends, Olivia and Wonjae. The fun and laughter began when one member shared it was her birthday and we also enjoyed a “coffee substitute”, Korean wine, to toast to Marilyn’s special day. (Written by Karen Martens )