Community Stage Experience at Red River Exhibition

Community Stage Experience (1)

Whenever you think about the Red River Exhibition, you would think about the rides, the food vendors and the fun.

However, dancing on stage at Red River Exhibition? Never have I thought about that until now. It was an amazing experience being able to perform at the Red River Exhibition on June 17 with my friends and with other dancers. Just standing on stage, dancing to the music, made me feel that a month and a half worth of practice was well-deserved.

It all started from the moment my friends and I got the invitation to perform at the Exhibition. We were excited, and we started to meet up more often than we usually would. From mixing the music, learning choreography, and put everything together, along with the outfit for the performance. Imagine that there is a big puzzle that you have to assemble the pieces to create a picture, that was the exact same process that we went through to make the set that we just performed.

After the performance, it was a full ride of emotion as we were happy and proud of what we have accomplished, and we even got to hang out with each other to enjoy the Exhibition. Playing more than 10 rides with all the screaming from the excitement to the delicious food from the vendors, I would say that was one of the best moments in my life. I would like to thank you to Red River Exhibition and Wonjae Song (The Korean Times /The Diversity Times) for inviting us and giving us an opportunity to perform in such a stage. (Written by Joseph Bui)


Community Stage Experience (2)

This is my K-Pop team TXM first time came back to stage after 2 years and this is my J-Pop team USO first time perform in stage. Community Stage was located in the corner where close by the food trucks.

At first the stage seems alright, unlike the main stage. However, once I stepped in, I saw people with different backgrounds and cultures and pull off a show together as a community. People might original from different countries, like China, Philippines, Korea, Japan, US and Canada. People stayed and watched each other shows with respect and admiration.

The performance reaction was great and I heard a lots of cheering when we were dancing. There were no argument even though the show was delayed for a hour because of the stage schedule. Performers just want the show to be success. Audiences were really supportive and made you felt that the communities have united to one. This is the exact mindset, I am happy that Canada has.

It does not matter where you came from, what only matter is that everyone co-operate together and make our community success and better.

It was our pleasure to be invited to perform in The Red River Exhibition and I would treasure this great memory. (Written by Kiral Poon)