Top 15 Demand Jobs in Canada in 2018

The roles that are taking off in Canada in 2018 cover a diverse range of industries. From blue collar jobs like general labourer, assembler and forklift operator, which are essential to keeping Canada’s strong manufacturing sector running smoothly, to high-tech roles like software engineer, to various professional roles like accountant, project manager, and administrative assistant, there’s a job for everyone. Learn more about the top jobs in Canada and see the jobs available in each.

General labour


Engineering project manager

Business analyst

Customer service

IT project manager

Software engineer




Administrative assistant 

Account manager  

Engineering project manager


Representative   (Source: Randstad)


15 Jobs Small Business Need to Fill Right Now, According to Indeed

Canada’s small business sector is suffering and you can help! Instead of looking for jobs at the same big companies over and over, try branching out. These jobs are very hard to fill for a variety of reasons. Some say it’s because employers just can’t find the talent they need or that they’re just hiring too many people.

Thing is, in the small business sector, it’s hard to find good workers and it’s expensive when you lose them. These jobs are gaining popularity right now, and they need people to fill the positions. So, if you’re looking for a good, long-term job, check these out:

01) Pet Groomer: Average salary: $14.78/hour

02) Sushi Chef: Average salary: $17.23/hour

03) Piano teacher: Average salary: $25.12/hour

04) Hairstylist: Average salary: $14.44/hour

05) Tire technician: Average salary: $15.69/hour

06) Audiovisual Technician: Average salary: $21.66/hour

07) Pizza Cook: Average salary: $13.27/hour

08) HVAC Installer: Average salary: $26.45/hour

09) Landscape Designer: Average salary: $22.25/ hour

10) Seamstress: Average salary: $14.65/hour

11) Occupational Therapist: Average salary: $34.60/hour

12) Security Engineer: Average salary: $79,517/year

13) Roofer: Average salary: $25.71/hour

14) Lube Technician: Average salary: $14.63/hour

15) Electronics Technician: Average salary: $17.80/hour

(Source: MTL BLOG, CTV, Global News)