The Diversity/Korea Times Mark ‘Scrapbook’ Success in Book Launching Ceremony

At Our Age, There’s a Lot of Living to Squeeze into Once Small Scrapbook!

A sense of pride and accomplishment bubbled through the air as seniors from across Manitoba gathered at the Henderson Highway Library to celebrate the Book Publication Ceremony marking the end of the “I Love You: Memoirs of My Grandchildren” scrapbook project.  This newly launched book documents ‘a lot of living’ through both pictorial representations and a biographical accounts of the life-stories of each senior citizens participating in this project.

The scrapbooks were the result of a year-long effort of seniors groups in Riverton, Scanterbury, Steinbach and two in Winnipeg.  For many participants, creating scrapbooks was a new, somewhat challenging and sometimes overwhelming endeavour. One lady explained the project as “At our age, there’s a lot of living to squeeze into one small scrapbook!”

Each scrapbook tells a personal story through pictures and memories that were recorded in journals documenting family history, special occasions and the emotional and often humorous ups and downs of life. This new book, “I Love You: Memoirs of My Grandchildren” is a compilation of life-stories from all of the participants.

In addition to these books, each person benefited from the social interaction and warm camaraderie of their scrapbook sessions and by meeting seniors in other groups. They also fulfilled the challenge of creating a connection to their children and grandchildren through their personal creativity displayed in each scrapbook.

The New Horizons for Seniors Program, a federal government initiative, provided partial funding.  Local host organizations, the Riverton and District Friendship Centre, Sergeant Tommy Prince School in Scanterbury, Steinbach’s SouthEast Man Filipino Association as well as Total Education Development for Sports Inc. and South East Seven Oaks Immigration Services in Winnipeg provided further support. All of the participants are also very grateful for the opportunity to participate in this project which was made possible by the organizing efforts of WonJae Song and Olivia Do and the sponsorship of The Diversity Times and Korea Times.

These scrapbooks and the “I Love You: Memoirs of My Grandchildren” books are treasured mementos and lasting family legacies for all. (Written by Anna Marie Roberecki)