A Book Publication Ceremony of “I Love You”: Memoirs of My Grandchildren

Date: Sunday, February 25th, 2018 / 2:00 p.m.

Venue: Henderson Library (1-1050 Henderson Hwy. WPG)

Preface: In Recognition of Seniors’ Creativity & Love of Family

IT HAS been almost one year since the project “I Love You”: Memoirs of My Grandchildren kicked off with the five senior groups. We have been too busy to even notice it has been that long. At this point, we feel happy to have the opportunity to share experiences and life stories with the seniors who took part in the project. We look forward to another successful activity with this enthusiastic group of people in the months or years ahead.

Reaching out

The Diversity Times/The Korea Times have consistently visited each member from the five (5) groups, including two from the Winnipeg group. We visited Riverton which is about 2 hours from Winnipeg north and also Scanterbury, which is about an hour from Winnipeg. We also drove 40 minutes all the way to Steinbach southeast of Manitoba from Winnipeg and realized we have reached out to these far places every month beyond our expectation.

Eun Kyeong “Olivia” Do, who is managing editor of the Diversity Times/The Korea Times 매니토바 한인신문 and I have visited the senior participants in different locations for one year. The participants in each senior group warmly welcomed us, just like a mother would in our own home.  We were very pleased to see them on a regular basis. It during these visits that we learned about each participant’s life story while helping them design and complete their scrapbooks, on top of invitations to special occasions like dinner and Christmas parties that all the more helped in building camaraderie and friendship.

On challenges and creativity

One great aspect about the whole project was the diligence and creativity shown by each senior participant despite the regular meetings that they had to attend. Also, what made the experience more fun was the sharing of food and other experiences in the course of the activity. However, one participant said he would have had fun “if I had joined the project.” Indeed, at the beginning of the project, some of them were hesitant, saying that scrapbooking seemed boring and old-fashioned. But he soon found out it was not.

The scrapbooking project also allowed the senior participants to reconnect with their loves ones, specially their grandchildren whom they have not heard of until the early phase of the activity. They took out old photos from files that were already accumulating dust and relive memories of their childhood. It was in this particular moment that made other hesitant seniors to become interested as well and join in the activity. In fact, they said they will join the activity next time.

Expression of gratitude

The Korea Times 매니토바 한인신문 would like to thank all five group leaders for their hardwork and dedication. The paper also thanks the volunteers, in particular, the New Horizons for Senior Program of the Canadian government, and five (5) organizations; the Riverton Friendship Centre, Seven Oaks Immigration Services, Sergeant Tommy Prince School, Total Education Development for Sports, and SEMFA.

This book is a testament of the labor of love of our senior participants and highlights some of their great memories. It hopes to celebrate the triumph of wisdom and newfound friendships in the community. Cheers and more power to everyone who has helped in making this endeavor a very meaningful one. We are forever grateful.

The Diversity Times/The Korea Times

Publisher, Won Jae Song