February: Trap Tap: A Driver’s Best Friend

Rylee McOuat

The everyday life of driving is accompanied with realities like sudden changes in speed limits, even if you swear that 10 meters back the limit was 80 km/h, undercover cops lying in wait, school zone areas and various road hazards.

It’s a fair assumption that drivers would like to avoid an expensive ticket or traffic fine which is where traffic device Trap Tap comes into play. It may be your answer to avoid earning such tickets and fines with the added benefit of helping you become a safer driver.

Trap Tap is a young but flourishing company created by CEO Bryce North and his team

of six co-founders, including engineers Adam Tsouras and Gord Parke. The team has invented a legal device that utilizes your smartphone to inform you of things like oncoming red light cameras, school zones, radar traps and even road hazards.

Using a free app accessible through your smartphone, the small and compact device that sticks onto your dashboard will alert you by lighting up different colours that correspond to a specific hazard, traffic zone or radar trap.

“Within nine months of having the idea, we were able to manufacture and begin selling.

We had two phenomenal engineers (Tsouras, Parke) that really helped accelerate the process,” says North. An impressive timeline for a device with such technological intricacies.

The locally manufactured Bluetooth device features a two-year battery life and is available for pre-mapped operation in 67 countries. The information for alerts are provided by community feedback; simply tap the device when you notice a traffic radar, zone or hazard and the location is marked for all future Tap Trap users when they enter the area.

The device also informs you when you are speeding, a feature that encourages safer driving. “We’ve had over 5 million miles driven so far with Trap Tap and great feedback from users” North says proudly.

The Trap Tap team had the fortune of landing a Dragons’ Den appearance in May of 2017 and earned the interest of three investors. They ultimately decided to team with investor Michelle Romano. “Our sales peaked upwards of 1200% after the show,” North comments.

The overall influence the device has on creating safer drivers is significant according to data collected by the Trap Tap team. “Ideally we are a proactive solution to driving speed; users actually reduce their speed by 50% right away after the alert is given,” explains North when asked about the statistical analysis of Trap Tap’s impact on drivers.

The Trap Tap device is available for sale online at traptap.com and also at Best Buy with a current discount off the regular price with an online purchase. For further inquiries, you can visit traptap.com where there is a customer service messenger chat available. Visit the Trap Tap team on social media on Twitter @gettraptap and on Instagram @traptapinc. (Written by Rylee McOuat)