Black History Month 2018

Special occasions are meant to be celebrated. Black History Month is a particularly special occasion.  We honor the Black community each February as we gather for events throughout the city.  To honor is to give the highest respect and public esteem.  The “present” of your presence is the most generous support of the Black community.

We are truly “At the Crossroads of Freedom and Equality” as echoed by our current political environment.  It is as important now, as ever, to stand together in Love with hope for the future.  When we step out into the light and seek knowledge, we can build on understanding one another.  But we must “do something” by taking action.   We can stand up and change the course of history.  There is power in action.

Join us as we stand together in celebration by honoring such leaders such as Martin Luther King Jr. at the Black History Month Opening Ceremony January 28, 2018 at 1425 Manitoba Ave. This is a free event.  Martin Luther King Jr changed the course of history for a Nation and the world through his peaceful work.  We will honor his legacy as his truths challenge the content of each of our characters.

One person’s story is only one chapter of the book.  There are so many strong, inspiring characters whose dedicated focus on a brilliant future make up the history of Black people worldwide.  Attend the Youth Symposium February 17, 2018 at 51 Richfield and challenge yourself to researching those whose impact was notable in history.  Or join us in music, dance and storytelling at the history lesson on holiday Monday February 19, 2018 at 1098 Winnipeg Ave.

One of our most memorable events is the Heart, Spirit and Soul concert. You will not want your loved ones to miss the always enlightening, Joyous Heart, Spirit and Soul concert Saturday February 3rd at 465 Alexander Ave at 6:30pm. The heartbeat of many nations can be felt as we gather in harmony to raise the vibrations of Peace and Love. Your heart will be uplifted and your day will be renewed through the energetic, electric performances by a number local artists It is an evening that contributes to the worldwide movement towards equality and understanding for all.

Black History Month is filled with enriching activities to share with friends. There are many more events as well.  Including our closing celebrations with The Awards Banquet on Saturday February 24th at 6pm at the Norwood Hotel.  Last year’s guests included our Mayor, Brian Bowman and Police Chief Danny Smythe.  This year’s attendees include former honorees and Black History Month alumni.  It is a time to commemorate the achievements of the Black community and acknowledge those whose lives are dedicated to making the world a more beautiful place.  It is more than a special occasion, it is an exceptional occasion with so many remarkable guests.  Please be our “special” guest for this outstanding evening. (Source: Nadia Thompson)