Twenty-Five to Help You Save-On-Foods

(CHVN) The president of Save-On-Foods, which has three locations here in Winnipeg, has given a statement regarding illegal bread price changing.

On the evening of January 9, Save-On-Foods President Mr. Darrell Jones released a statement via Facebook regarding his concerns with the illegal activity that has taken place in Canada with bread price changing.

“We’re deeply concerned about what’s happened with the bread price-fixing issue that was going on in Canada by certain competitors and suppliers. It is important for you to know that we at Save-On-Foods had no knowledge of, nor were we involved in, this illegal activity.”

Earlier this week on January 8 Loblaws confessed to this illegal activity and offered $25 gift cards to anyone who came forward and proved they had purchased bread at any one of their locations in the last few years. Save-On-Foods is extending a similar apologetic response.

“We’re making it easy for you to receive our own $25 offer, through our More Rewards program,” Jones states, “we, in turn, will seek compensation from the bread suppliers involved, in due course.”

Darrell Jones says there are many opportunities for you to use these twenty-five dollars with Save-On-Foods. You can use this $25 in their stores, and at the same time, you will be signed up for more offers and information. “And in keeping with our commitment to supporting those less fortunate, we’ll be giving you the option to re-direct this $25 to your local food bank.”

He says you always have the right to choose how you spend your grocery shopping dollars, and thanks you on behalf of their 18,000 local team members for choosing Save-On-Foods.

Details on claiming the twenty-five dollars can be found on the Save-On-Foods website or by contacting them at 1-800-242-9229. (Source: CHVN Radio 95.1FM)