Sharing Love & Happy Memories

WHEN I was still in elementary, I would see my mother gather all our pictures so she can put them in an album. It was some sort of a special routine for her, something that she found great pleasure on as the years unfold.

Like other parents, my mother made sure that we had a photoshoot in a studio every Christmas as memories for that year. I could remember vividly the laughter and excitement that go in each of our ‘traditional’ photo shoot.

Every year her brothers, sisters, cousins and other relatives of ours who come from the provinces, also send us their family Christmas pictures or photos of special occasions like weddings, baptismal, birthdays or feast days in different cities or towns in our provinces.

Reflecting on happy times

My mother loved to see all the pictures in the album and she would not forget to put them immediately into the album whenever she would receive the pictures.

She always says that the pictures are memories of our family and puts the album in our bookshelves.

And every time she is lonely, she would just get the album to reflect on those memories. As I grew older I would also get the album and look at the pictures myself, and although our albums have somewhat aged over the years, I still keep many pictures of our children who have grown up and whose photos I wished I have included in the album.

Sharing memories

So, when they selected me to participate in this scrapbooking project, I was happy because it allowed me to share our family pictures once again. It also allowed me to share my talent in album layout.

The scrapbook project is a great opportunity for everyone to cherish special memories with their loved ones.

I look forward to sharing the love and happy memories with my friends and family in another great scrapbook project. (Isabelita Hermoso)


Granny Hopes for ‘Scrapbook 2’