Granny Hopes for ‘Scrapbook 2’

(Clarita O. Manzano and her granddaughter Renzelle Joie G. Manzano share their thoughts on the recent Scrapbook Project initiated by the The Korean/Diversity Times – Editor)

I was inspired… I was challenged… I was committed to do a wonderful project initiated by Wonjae. With his inspirational idea, I finished a priceless, worth remembering legacy, a souvenir to be handed down to my children, grandchildren and up to a lot of generations to come.

To my mind, important occasions, memorable affairs or events, fond memories and sweet bonding can no longer be witnessed by my future generation. So I always documented those celebrations for posterity.

Idea into Action

It was someone’s idea that was planned, put into action and now is being highly appreciated.

The scrapbook reminds the past, it becomes a present memoir and in the future, these are priceless treasures that can no longer be replicated. It reminds the roots of a growing family all captured in a memento.

It was six months ago when I was invited by Rowena, the Seven Oaks Settlement Worker to an orientation meeting on making scrapbook. That was June 12, 2017 at 930 Jefferson Avenue with 50-year old seniors irrespective of gender attending this orientation.


We were informed by the presenter, Wonjae to engage in making memory books and journals or scrapbooks by hand. We, the participants, have to commit our attendance for six sessions. It was once a month on Mondays from three to five in the afternoon.

Who would not be inspired to attend when all materials provided are free of charge? Who would not be lucky to have a knowledgeable trainer who taught us on how to be artistic and creative making use of designs as background for our pictures? Who would not be inspired to get the full support including snacks?


For me, it was a rare opportunity so I committed to be a participant. Every session, Rowena and Maria were there to assist us while Wonjae was there too to inspire.

After several meetings, we were all very proud of our accomplishments. The finished scrapbooks were displayed at Filcasa last November 5, 2017. We had visitors from Riverton and other groups joining this amazing project.

This was highlighted by a culminating activity with a program. Participants were very happy with our outputs, we met new friends and acquaintances including MLA Flor Marcelino who encouraged us, seniors to get engaged, involved and stay active most of the time.


Personally, I had a very productive experience in making a scrapbook. I learned a lot not to mention, it had been my passion to come out with photo albums since I was young. Most of all, I feel nostalgic every time I open my scrapbook. I love scanning over and over.

This is one of the best treasures I will cherish.

Likewise, my children and relatives were quite impressed as they scan the scrapbook I made. The scrapbook had projected a feeling of being sentimental and has also inculcated the value of family solidarity and treasuring our family tree heritage. Thank you Wonjae for the experience and opportunity! (Written by Clarita O. Manzano )



Scrapbooks A Challenging Project

(Renzelle Joie G. Manzano (Left) and Clarita O. Manzano.)

It was one Monday afternoon (July 17, 2017 to be exact) when I saw my grandmother being very busy. She just came home holding a big album.

From her bag, she brought out some materials. She has a pair of scissors, glitters, glue, markers, glue gun, colored papers, and designs. Being only a 10-year old girl, I was curious and inquisitive. I asked her what she is doing. She said she is making a memoir album.

Cherishing memories

She said she`s making it because when we grow up we can see them and their memories will be remembered. She explained that it will be for us, her grandchildren and the coming generations to come.

The scrapbook will be a treasure for it will have pictures of important events, happy family gatherings, parties and celebrations. My grandmother said, we can never bring back the past except for those memories.

She said it was hard to do the project.

There were few pictures to be pasted in the scrapbook. I asked my grandma if I can be of help. She said yes. I helped her get pictures from their cellphones and went to Cosco to have pictures be developed. We also went to Staples and Dollarama to buy more stuff for decorating.


I like arts as I was saying so we worked together doing the project. I cut some edges, I pasted the pictures, I cut some quotations and sayings and pasted them on the scrapbook.

I even put some labels, decorations and glitters. My grandma was impressed with my work because I pasted some sayings as background of their pictures. I and my Grandma did this one night in a week.

I also worked on it when I’m home from school under her supervision. We worked on the scrapbook for several nights before the presentation on November 5. We helped each other on this project so we can keep our fond memories.


The arts and crafts materials were provided by the sponsors for free. At last the final work was finished. All we have to do is to go to Filcasa for the closing program.

There were many visitors who looked at all displayed scrapbooks. My grandmother was very thankful to Maria who gave guidance in decorating the scrapbooks, also to Rowena of Seven Oaks Immigrant Centre, and most especially to Wonjae Song and Olivia Do of The Diversity Times and The Korean Times 매니토바 한인신문 who gave inspiration in making a scrapbook which will be a legacy from my grandmother. (Written by Renzelle Joie G. Manzano)