Scrapbook Project with Mother-in-law & Other Grandparents

Flipping through pages of memories is what essentially is scrapbooking for me, a project which I never got around to doing until I had this opportunity via The Diversity Times Scrapbooking with my mother-in-law and other Filipino grandparents. It finally allowed me to put together the keepsakes I’ve collected over the 7 years that we’ve lived here in Canada.

I did have scrapbooks in the Philippines, which unfortunately was destroyed during the Typhoon Ondoy flood. It hurt because I a lot of our things were ruined, but what’s especially painful was losing the scrapbooks and the pictures we’ve collected over the years – pictures of my parents’ childhood, and mine.

It feels awful that I can’t share those memories with my daughter, Lexie. So, it’s pretty much starting over for me when we came to Canada 7 years ago.

Now I leaf through each page with happy thoughts, triggered by great memories of our stay here in Canada – where we’ve been, our firsts with Lexie, family milestones and achievements. We’ve upped our memory-keeping project one step further by putting up a memory tree, where keepsakes can be put up like Christmas tree ornaments, as conversation starters and a way of reliving the good times, when we have our moments and get-togethers at home.

I do thank Wonjae by helping me bring back my love of scrapbooking, enabling me to cherish more family memories for me, my daughter and for future generations. (Peegy Onton)