Invitational Lunch for Korea War Veterans and Families

The Diversity Times/The Korea Times has been hosting lunches for the Korea War veterans and their families since 2014. This year marked the 4th year that this event was held, to great success.

June 25th marks one of the most important days in Korea, as it is the day that the Korean War began 67 years ago. This lunch is held in appreciation for the veterans who fought in the war. The Korea Times/Diversity Times started hosting these brunches on the 25th of June, 2014 to commemorate the efforts of the Canadian troops in Korea.

Unlike past years, when this event was held at Deer Lodge centre, this year’s event was held according to districts across the province to accommodate the elderly veterans and to increase accessibility for all.

For Winnipeg and near-by surrounding areas, the lunch was held in early July, whereas for veterans of Selkirk, it was held at Smitty’s restaurant in downtown Selkirk. The next event for all veterans will be held on Friday, September 29th at Emmanuel church.

The July event was an especially meaningful one because many Indigenous veterans who reside far north of Winnipeg could make it to the lunch. One of the veterans who had come from Gimli, Mr. Bennett, had said “Thank you for inviting us to the lunch. There are opportunities to meet other veterans in the area, but due to the lack of group-specific events, I didn’t realize how many other veterans there were. I have met so many people thanks to today. I hope to take further interest in the Korean people. Mr. Orvis, an Indigenous veteran from Selkirk said, “Selkirk has never really taken very much interest in Korea War veterans, but I feel incredibly happy and proud that a Korean publication came to thank us. It means a lot to me.”

.The Korea/Diversity Times delivered thank-you letters that Korean children from Emmanuel church in Winnipeg had written to the veterans on this day. After the lunch, the veterans shared the letters that the children had wrote with one another. The letters were written in Korean and English, and there was an appreciative and reflective ambiance in the room.

For the event, the publication prepared traditional Korean fans and English shortbread as small gifts for the veterans.

The Korea/Diversity times has put on the Korea War Veterans Photo Exhibition a total of three times since 2015, and has since connected with many communities, prominently including the Indigenous Korea War veterans. Seven veterans of the Indigenous community were present at the lunch. They intend on further connecting with more Indigenous veterans, especially the ones that live in northern Manitoba. At the event, the publication asked for help to locate more veterans so that they are able to receive their Ambassador for Peace Medal from the Korean federal government. (Staff)