Manitoba Korea War Veterans to Hold Annual Candlelight Service

(Winnipeg, Manitoba) Members of Unit 17 (Manitoba) of the Korea Veterans Association will hold a Candlelight Service at Brookside Cemetery in Winnipeg on Thursday, July 27th to honour those who gave their lives during the Korean War that ended with a ceasefire to hostilities on July 27, 1953.

There were 516 Canadians that gave their lives during the hostilities.

The Candlelight Service will take place at the Korean Veterans Cairn in the Field of Honour, Brookside Cemetary and begin at 4:30 P.M.

The Field of Honour is situated in the North-West Quadrant of Brookside Cemetary which is located at 3001 Notre Dame Avenue,  west of the Red River College.

Signs will be posted at the Cemetary entrance ans City of Winnipeg personnel will be on hand to provide directions to The Korea Veterans Cairn.

After the Service, participants will gather for a reception at the Neil Bardal Funeral Centre located directly across from Brookside Cemetery at 3030 Notre Dame Avenue.

Media representatives are invited to attend the Service as well as the following after-service gathering at the Neil Bardal  Funeral Centre  and speak with Veterans, their families, Executive Officers of the Korea Veterans Association and members of the Korean community in Manitoba who have attended and participated in these services for many years.

More than 26,000 Canadian men and women in uniform came to the aid of South Koreans and repelled the invasion of South Korea by North Korean and Chinese forces.

Sixty four years later, the Republic of Korea has proven that Canada’s service was not in vain—today it boasts a strong, lasting democracy, a vibrant culture and a thriving economy. All this is proof that Canadian Veterans made a real and enduring difference.”

For further information, please contact: Lois Mader (Secretary/Treasurer/Events Coordinator) or (204) 256-5893  (Source: Lois Mader)