June: Happy Life

(Written by Manuel (Boy) A. Negado)

The Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines Adversity as “a state or instance of serious or continued difficulty or misfortune showing courage in the face of adversity.”

Dear Reader Friends, please permit me to discuss with you some aspects of adversity.

Of the Profit of Adversity (Admonitions Useful For A Happy Life)

(1) It is good that we have sometimes troubles and crosses, for they often make a man enter into himself, and consider that he is here in banishment, and ought not to place his trust in any worldly things. It is good that we be sometimes contradicted, and that men think ill or inadequately of us, even though we do and intend well.

(2) These things help often to the attaining of humility, and defend us from vain glory: for then we chiefly seek God for our inward witness, when outwardly we are condemned by men, and when there is no credit given unto us. And therefore a man should rest himself so fully to God, that he need not seek many comforts of men.

(3) When a good man is afflicted, tempted, or troubled with evil thoughts, then he understandeth better the great need he hath of God, without whom he perceiveth he can do nothing that is good.

(4) Then, also, he sorroweth, lamenteth, and prayeth by reason of the miseries he suffereth. Then he is weary of living longer, and wisheth that death would come, that he might be dissolved and be with Christ. Then also he will perceiveth, that perfect security and full peace can not be had in this world.


Scriptural Basis:

(1) Troubles and Crosses – (Romans 5:3-5)…but we glory in tribulations also: knowing that tribulation worketh patience; and patience, experience and experience, hope and hope maketh not ashamed…(Psalm 40:4) Trust – Happy is the man who makes the Lord his trust.

(2) (Psalm 115:1) Vain Glory – Not to us, O God, not to us, but to you we give all the Glory…(Matthew 5:11) Condemned – Blessed are you when people insult you/ persecute you and say all manner of evil against you falsely because of me…(Matthew 11:2) Rest – Come unto me all you are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.

(3) (Psalm 91:15) They shall call upon me, and I will answer them, I will be with them in trouble, I will deliver them and honor them.

(4) (John 16:33) In the world you shall have tribulation but in Me you shall have peace, be of good cheer; I’ve have overcome the world.

“Our lives are just undergoing purification and strengthening that we may be used to bear the heavy load or burdens of the weaker ones — in engineering it is called strength of materials: Pressure helps create a sparkling diamond.

Earth’s pressure turns it into a spotless/crystal clear gem that is the hardest of all stones, whereas, the original color of it is black as it is carbon in its elemental stage…gold, pure gold as tested by fire glitters the more, and as dross separates from the gold it turns and shines the more…no pain, no gain; your pain can be somebody else’s gain…there are people who can become most effective when they hurt the most…when we are consumed by self, it is impossible for us to see those who are in need…when one has a good understanding and in God, one is more relaxed and confident.”

Dear Reader Friends, let this be your prayer…God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change…the courage to change the things I can…the wisdom to know the difference.”

“You can turn a lemon into a lemonade – no test, no testimony…how we’ve overcome; no mess, no message.”…we must be humble if we want to receive God’ blessings, otherwise one’s desire may be realized to one’s hurt…praise is a smile of God and loving criticism, His guiding hand…do not refuse a message of truth because it comes to you through lips that you have thought of as evil or vile or intellectually inferior…truth is truth and there is no substitute for it, no matter what seem to alter it, it won’t change…self-righteousness and conceit are often the result of close mindedness and ignorance.”

Dear Reader Friends, no matter how stormy your life’s weather is today you ca rest secure in the thought that this too shall come to pass because life is not all sweetness and light, sunshine and rain/darkness, thunder, lightning…they all will work out for good to them that consider.”

To produce power in a battery (+positive) —(-negative) = power & strength to endure & last in life’s road travel (in Algebra — + & – = +)

We have been given dominion over all things…we have been given the choice to turn everything to a curse or a blessing. The choice is yours. It is better to light acandle than to curse darkness. No wonder, statistics show suicide is the No.1 cause of death…in all its forms, over indulgence in anything of addiction is a way of saying I want to die, life sucks…I don’t want to see the lightof another day…I am giving up.

Dear Reader Friends, be strong and of good courage. Here’s a verse from my own dear Mother’s favorite song: “Till the storm passes over, till the thunder sounds no more, till the clouds roll forever from the sky…hold me fast let me stand in the hollow of Thy Hand, Keep me safe till the storm passes by…”

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