2017 SCRAPBOOK PROJECT TKT/TDT to Launch “I Love You: Memoirs of My Grandchildren”

Scrapbooking initiative to preserve memories for younger generations

THE fast-paced digital media landscape is reshaping the way we care for our cherished memories.

Today, photos, videos and stories can be created, shared and stored instantaneously through countless electronic devices. But what about those memories made and recorded before digital media became the common method?

How can they be preserved and, perhaps more importantly, shared with the younger generations?

The Korea Times/Diversity Times leads the way

A possible method is pre- sented by The Korea Times/The Diversity Times in a voluntary and cost-free community project that will allow a number of Manitoban seniors 50 years old or above to gather, preserve and present these memories via scrapbooks.

This year-long project, aptly titled “I Love You”: Memoires of My Grandchildren (to be launched at Winnipeg, Steinbach, Riverton, Scanterbury) was created in early May and is inspired by the successful completion of The Korea Times’ project Grannies’ Fashion Show, which culminated also earlier this month.

Community engagement

The scrapbooking project is planned to be implemented in three phases. The first phase will focus on the actual crafting of the scrapbooks including material gathering, topic discussions and workshops.

The second phase will consist of a presentation event, where the completed scrapbooks will be displayed for the participating seniors, their family and the community to share, and is also the time when the participants will be asked to complete their journal entries.

These journal entries along with the scrapbooks will then be compiled into a book published and distributed by The Korea Times during the third phase.

Preserving memories

Perhaps digital media may eventually replace analog predecessors—nevertheless, it does not mean that all those treasured memories shot on film, or those handwritten letters and memos with their unique stories need to disappear with the changing times.

The scrapbooking project provides an opportunity for those who want to preserve their otherwise forgotten memories and share it to the younger generations in an engaging, enjoyable and comforting fashion. (Written by Abbie Barzaga, Wonjae Song)