Recognizing Korean War Vet for Delivering Peace

(Postmedia) It’s been decades since Winnipeg Beach resident Cde. Norman Andrashuk served in the Korean War, but the sacrifice and dedication the Canadian had to bringing peace to the region still resonates with the Republic of Korea.

Andrashuk was pleasantly surprised when he was invited to the Winnipeg Beach Legion for a special event. Little did he know prior to his arrival, April 6, that he was the focal point of an awards ceremony.

The 82-year-old, who served seven years in the military, was presented with an Ambassador for Peace medal and an offical proclamation by the Republic of Korea.

The proclamation read, “It is a great honour and pleasure to express the everlasting gratitude of the Republic of Korea and our people for service you and your countrymen have performed in restoring and preserving our freedom and democracy. We cherish in our hearts and the memory of your boundless sacrifices in helping us reestablish our free democracy,” read the proclamation.

“In grateful recognition of your dedicated contributions, it is our privilege to proclaim you as ‘Ambassador for Peace with every good wish of the people of The Republic of Korea. Let each of us reaffirm our mutual respect and friendship that they many endure for generations to come.”

“I am very appreciative of the Korean government to give us these medals and appreciate what we’ve helped them with,” Andrashuk said.

According to Andrashuk, serving in the Korean War gave him experience about what goes on in the world. “I don’t think that war does anybody any good,” Andrashuk added. (Source: Brook Jones, Interlake Spectator)