Grannies’ Fashion Show: “We are Here.”: Post-Fashion Show Interviews

Q1) Please tell us why you are participating in Grannies’ Fashion Show: “We are Here.”:

(Cathy Lui) Participating in Grannies’ Fashion Show “We are Here” provided me a chance to interact with friends of my age group, and it was really a challenge for me to be on stage for the fashion show.

(James Yau) When I learnt about this project ‘ we are here” from Mr. Wonjae Song of the Korean Times on August 2016, I was feeling excited. As the President of the Friendly Chinese Dance Association, I think it is a great program for all members including myself . This project enabled us, mostly seniors to spend our leisure time wisely and at the same time learning the making of dresses for different ethic Asian fashion. It is also a chance to show our ethnic costumes to the Canadian society.

(Kim Le) It was by chance when Won Jae invited me to the meeting for Grannies’ Fashion Show. I was so surprised that many senior ladies gathered together like a family.

(Sophia Vong) I participate in this program because I think it is fun and rewarding. This project provide me chance to make a new friends and meet old friends more often. As a Canadian, I like to be part of promoting multiculturalism since Canada is multicultural society.

Cathy Lui

Q2) Please tell me about the bar you felt while making clothes:

(Cathy Lui) I am happy I have this chance to resume my sewing hobby, and I discovered and learnt a lot of sewing techniques online. I am also glad I have a friend who offered creative ideas and unconditional help through my sewing process.

(James Yau) For the making of dress, honestly I have no experience in this category. First of all, it is hard to look for the fabrics, since we have to look for Chinese fabrics in the Canadian market. However with the help of an experienced dress designer, Miss Channy Wong who is also a participant in this project, I picked up my fabrics. With her help and supervision, I also learnt how to do the measurements, cutting the patterns and sewing to the final product. Now, I know making dress is not an easy job but I do enjoy the whole process.

(Kim Le) The big bar that I struggled with when I was making the clothes was I did not know the rule for measurement my body and transferring it on the fabric. I was lucky enough to have an sample clothes to overcome this matter.

(Sophia Vong) The barriers I had while I was making my costume were finding the right materials, lack of sewing skill, and inadequate equipment. I had a hard time of deciding which costume to make considering the availability of the material and my sewing skill.

James Yau

Q3) Please tell us what you felt while preparing the fashion show:

(Cathy Lui) We have four members in our Vietnamese costume group, I am happy that we all exhibited very good team spirit.

(James Yau) In preparing for the fashion show, we had met weekly to discuss and practice how we should perform. I felt great and relaxed, not just having chance to meet others ethnic seniors and socializing with them, I can also revise my ‘Catwalk’ with my partner which I had trained before. Each meeting was just full of fun, joy and happiness.

(Kim Le) I have my belief in my ability, I also had a beginning lesson for sewing in the early adult age when my Das pushed my Mom teaching me for it.

(Sophia Vong) I felt excited while I prepare for the fashion show. I want to show off my design and want people to like my costume. I also like to be one of the top 5 most favorite costume winners.

Kim Le

Q4) Please tell us your impressions of the fashion show:

(Cathy Lui) Through this event, we seniors gained friendship and confidence.

Thanks to the funding, thanks to the hard work of everybody involved in this project, the combined effort made the event a success and left us precious memories.

(James Yau) The fashion show’ We are here’ was finally performed on January 14/2017. It was a great success as complimented by the audiences, my friends and the medias. It was another achievement in my life that I can never forget. I want to express my gratitude to Mr. Wonjae Song and his wife, Olivia for giving us this project, their brilliant efforts and participation in the show cannot be forgotten. Special thanks to 2 professional photography Mr. Robert Dearden and Mr. Wayne He.

(Kim Le) I was very impressed in all the attitudes from whom related to the show. Despite, nor of them had been done it before, they worked like a professional ones.

(Sophia Vong) My impression of the Grannies Fashion Show is it was a big success. I had the best time in my life. My costume turned out great; I was one of the top 5 most favorite costume winners.

Sophia Vong

Thank you!!