European Porcelain Painting Art Studio: Victoria Snow Crown

This place (368 St Anne’s Road is the first European Porcelain Painting Art Studio in Winnipeg and just grand opened last November in 2016.

There have a variety of porcelains and painting supplies to support your painting.

Porcelain painting is the decoration of glazed porcelain objects such as plates, cups, bowls, vases or statues. Porcelain painting sounds like something new and unfamiliar here, in Canada, there are still many more manufacturing companies in Europe.

For some porcelain, especially, it coasts more than ten thousand dollars just for the masterpiece of a dinner plate. Porcelain painting is known as a high-end craft hobby in Europe, USA, and Japan.

This studio also has art classes for the people who want to feel and learn European art styles. There have three different levels of the classes, beginner, intermediate and advanced, so if the customers attend and pass the art classes of the beginner level, they can make their own porcelains in their houses and fill out the showcase with the beautiful porcelain works. You also will be able to make

You also will be able to make French-styled teapot sets with the skills of French Roses after the beginner class or you can paint the landscapes on the dinner plates after your pen-work as well. It has a Tile-Art Class that you can make your own decorations for the parts of your fireplace, at any places of your living room, and at the back splash or at the edge of your kitchen.

This studio provides specific materials such as paints, paintbrushes, oil, pens and pen-points etc. If you book for the trial service, you could get a chance for 20 minutes of free trial class showing you how it is going to be in the class. If you bring your porcelains you painted at home to the studio, you can get the firing service with a small amount of costs. (Approximately $2-8 for 1 piece depending on the size)

Especially it can make the children pay more attention while drawing and painting with a few times of firing. There can help the students to upgrade their painting skills and to make the portfolio for their colleges

In additional, this painting work doesn’t finish with only one firing, anyone can make a delicate artwork with several firings for details. So it is really great for adults or seniors to have high classed hobbies and share and talk with people who have same ideas and hobbies.  Since it consists of a small group from 4 to 8 people, you might have more chances to get more specific ideas from your instructor.

Furthermore, It has several more plans to put another kind of artworks, such as craft classes with Korean Traditional Paper, quilting for adults and some clay classes for the little learners and youth as the biggest learning centre in Winnipeg.

Now you can get an insight into it and can even try it yourself by learning how to do porcelain painting at the shop. After an eventful and rewarding day, come rest and revive at the Creative Art Studio which offers guests just the friendly milieu they are seeking.

It offers 1-Day Special Class to let you make good memorises with your families or friends on your birthday or special days instead of following a regular curriculum. It is working with only reservations with maximum 10 people. People can bring their own designs and paper or pictures they want to put it in, and can also use the carbon paper to make you draw easily on the porcelain without no mistakes. You can choose any of porcelain among animal figurines, clocks, flower vases, mugs, kitchen wares and night lights to choose whatever you like.

High-Quality Printing On All Types Of Ceramics in Winnipeg:

It has another remarkable thing, which is Tile Art. Actually that is a kind of ceramic art, It does have our own special printing system which is developed in Germany in the studio. When the customer would like to order tile art for their walls in the office, studio and the house.

Using our patented, state-of-the-art ceramic printing equipment and process, you can take any artwork, graphic design, image, photo, or logo, and print it on a single tile or a collection of tiles (to form a mural). Unlike custom tiles and murals produced using a sublimation product, our patented ceramic printing process creates custom tiles that won’t fade, even after years of exposure to direct outdoor sunlight.

The porcelain painter, Victoria Woomi Shin, who is the owner of this art studio, studied industrial designs in her university and also she ran her own company more than 10 years in the field of industrial design as an art director. She planned the major projects and programs and made a variety of visual objects at the museums and convention halls in Seoul, South Korea.

Victoria has been studying about the European porcelain painting art since 2007 and she was deeply inspired by the traditional designs of French Sevres, German Meissen, Hungarian Herend, Dresden, KPM so many of her designs are influenced by the European traditional porcelain art from16th to 18th Century. She made her own designs and products relative with these European designs. (Source: Victoria Snow Crown)